Our expertise

Our expertise

Combining more than 20 years of experience and a great innovative and industrial capacity, we offer our customers top quality products and the best service.

Our focus on efficiency, sustainability and ongoing improvement enables us to be leaders in our sector. This makes us the best partner to develop an innovative fresh-cut product line.

Our Plant

Industrial capacity
We rely on a top-shelf production centre located in Thurland, in Saxony-Anhalt, in eastern Germany. Its strategic location allows us to guarantee our central European customers enjoy fresh, high quality products and the best service. Our group also operates 5 other processing plants for fresh-cut products, 3 in Spain, one in Italy and another in Switzerland.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest production technology, ensuring that we are efficient and highly competitive. We also feature innovative control systems and traceability in food safety and quality issues.

At our plant, we create a wide variety of ready-to-eat salad bowls with different recipes, capacities and presentations that we bring to the leading distribution chains in central Europe.




We innovate comprehensively, along cross-cutting lines, collaborating with each and every party involved in the product, from the supplier to the client and end consumer. This allows us to convert the latest global trends in consumption into new products, staying ahead of both our clients’ needs and the market.

Every year our company invests more than 1 million Euro in R+D+i, and we reinforce our research activities by developing food innovation and quality control projects together with the most prestigious universities and technological centres.

Food safety and quality

Food safety and quality are the two fundamental pillars, and this is why our clients put their trust in us. These pillars are always the basis of our work throughout the production chain.

Our focus on food safety and quality is backed by the most notable certifications on food safety and quality, including IFS Food, QS, MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and Grana Padano, among others. Our plant is also accredited for processing ecological (BIO) products.

We also feature proprietary auditing models and an internal quality control laboratory that ensure high quality, full traceable products. Our commitment to food safety is backed by exhaustive complementary analyses conducted by qualified external laboratories.


Ensuring that our products remain fresh, high quality and completely safe starts with selecting the best raw materials. We work together with our suppliers to verify the safety and quality of our raw ingredients from the field to the table, through a verification and continual auditing system integrated within our Quality Control Model.

Our agricultural suppliers are certified with the international standard Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Likewise, all our suppliers are certified with the QS seal. In the case of seafood we use for our salads, all our ingredients boast the MSC sustainable fishing certification.


In our commitment to responsible and sustainable management, we work every day to reduce and minimise the impact of our activity. In our plant, we promote practices and improvements focused on sustainability and efficient resource use.

Our production centre features solar plates that produce 900 kW daily that help to improve our energy efficiency, as they supply 15% of our daily energy consumption.

For packaging, we introduce eco-design criteria in order use the minimum weight and material possible, and we work to find alternatives to replace plastic with more sustainable materials whenever possible. Our salad bowls are made of 70% of recycled material and are 100% recyclable.