Our customers are at the centre of our business model and activity. In Thurländer we offer comprehensive solutions aiming to satisfy our customers’ needs, both when developing a product, along with offering the best distribution and logistics service

Product development

We offer our customers fresh and healthy recipes, always using the best vegetables, which also include a great variety of supplements, like tuna, cheese, chicken, and croutons, among others. We adapt our array to the latest food trends and presentation formats, and also to the tastes of each market.

Packaging design

We work with expert packaging design agencies that help us create the best product presentations for our customers.

We also provide our customers new, more sustainable packaging solutions, seeking alternatives to plastic whenever possible and trying to reduce the weight in each package. We also ensure that our products are high quality, fresh and perfectly preserved

The packaging itself

We feature a versatile plant at the productive and technological level that allows us to develop different types of bags and bowls, both oval and square, with different capacities, that we adapt to our customers’ and current eating trends.


We apply efficiency and sustainability criteria in our logistics system to ensure that our fresh, high quality products are delivered quickly and efficiently to our clients.

Our production centre also boasts SAP technology systems that provides full automated management over all our warehouses and customer orders.

We also work with specialised partners that provide us the best distribution and transport solutions, thus guaranteeing delivery to our customers from central European countries every day of the year.