Our team

Our Team

Our people are our greatest asset. We have an extraordinary team, capable of leading through the greatest challenges in the sector and our international positioning. To that end, we are committed to stable and quality employment, talent and professional development. As a responsible company, we are committed to diversity and inclusion, alongside the professional development of our people in a dignified and safe work environment.

At Thurländer, we have xxx people on our payroll. The group that we belong to (GAC) features 9 production centres in 4 countries, with 2,500 people on its payroll. Over the past year, over 37 employees have been promoted internally to positions of higher responsibility in the company’s different business units.

The diversity contributes to our competitiveness and growth. That’s why we have employees representing 60 nationalities and with very diverse profiles, from field or logistics operators to engineers specialized in food, robotic and industrial design technology, not to mention experts in nutrition, marketing, procurement and other fields

Talent development

We want to be an attractive company for internal and external talent and an example of a company that is committed to professional growth through our training and development strategy.

Junior Talent

We are committed to training and developing recently graduated young professionals who are starting their professional careers in our organization with a clear focus on mobility and internationalization.

GAC Degree

This is our development program for employees with potential and a path forward in our company, providing a general overview with a local focus on each Business Unit, directly from the departmental leaders.

GAC Forward

GAC Forward is the program that manages the transmission of the GAC leadership model. GAC management culture impacts the entire organization and is propagated through all of our leaders, managers, coordinators and officers.

Top Managers

This is our development program for future leaders of our organization, who are being prepared to assume new responsibilities, manage interdisciplinary projects and teams and face new domestic and international challenges and opportunities for the organization.